Three on a Bench

The company presented an evening of one-act plays which was billed as “10 Nights 5 Different 1 Act plays”.  The selections included Doris Estrada’s “Three on a Bench”, William Lang’s “I Bring You Flowers”, Shel Silverstein’s “One Tennis Shoe”, Doug Wright’s “Wildwood Park”, and a second Shel Silverstein selection – “Wash and Dry”.  According to director Adam Keda, the plays were chosen without a particular theme in mind, but instead with the idea that the audience would walk away with the experience of having laughed to tears, cried in sorrow, gasped in shock, and sighed with nostalgia for a time that was once so simple that a boy could spend $6 on a prom date and call it a good time. This performance ran in Dodge City from October 10-25, 2008.

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