The Taffetas

The Taffetas was performed in Dodge City from October 8-31, 1992.. The play, written by Rick Lewis, is a tribute to the great girl groups of the 1950’s.  Set in 1950-something, three singing sisters – Peggy, Cheryl, & Donna – from Muncie, Indiana are making their national television singing debut.  This nostalgic piece pays homage to the harmony of The Maguire Sisters, The Fontane Sisters, the Chordettes, and the Lennon Sisters.  The Taffetas make their appearance on “Spotlight on Music” – a fictitious weekly TV show on the real-life Dumont Television Network and the audience is swept away to a by-gone era where music had real harmony and the world came to life on a 12-inch black & white television set.

Cast:  Connie Penick, DeeDee Royle, & Jill Austen)

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