The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate

This play was performed in Dodge City from February 15 – March 3, 1990. What do you get when you take five women with nothing better to do than put on a show, combine that with murder mystery, and add in an over-abundance of errors and missed cues?  You get a play that required five of the company’s seasoned veterans to put on a show that looked like an accident but was just a series improvisations rehearsed to make it look like they screwed up.  This production was dedicated to anyone who ever said – “Golly, let’s put on a show!”  And this group of actresses lived up to the company’s reputation and never forgot “the show must go on”!

(Cast:  Sarah Simpson, Jeanette Magouirk, Jana Ross, Mary Beth Riegel, Deana Reimer).

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