Depot Theater Stage Relights!

It’s happening! The Depot Theater Stage Relights! The Depot Theater, Inc. was granted a Shuttered Venue Operators Grant from the Small Business Administration that is providing some support for a reopening this fall. Toward that end, a new Artistic Director, Jon Montgomery, has been hired and working to move forward with the utmost attention to safety (as required by our status in a city-owned building).

We are launching a “soft reopening” and inviting you to join us in a series of activities to be hosted through the Depot Theater Company. The first exciting event is a Fall Show as The Depot Theater Stage Relights!

Jon says – “It is my distinct pleasure to personally invite you to join us in technical production for our Fall Show – The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. We are thrilled by the talent that you have to share with us!” Sign up by clicking the link below!

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