Sally Shattuck

Board Member

I am attorney  and have been practicing law in Kansas for more than 35 years. As a small-town lawyer in Ashland, Kansas, I work in a variety of legal areas, but my focus has always been on helping people prepare for the future and ease transitions through elder law, estate planning, estate administration and probate law. I’m also a passionate child advocate and serve as a guardian ad litem.  Those are the facts of my professional life.

What might be more relevant for the Depot Theater is the fact that I am passionate about theater and particularly musical theater.  Years ago, I produced a weekly show Musical Theater for High Plains Public Radio.  I’ve long enjoyed being part of the audience at the Depot Theater (and before that in the Homestead and before that at Boot Hill.)  Just last year, a group of us in Ashland organized to present performances as a means of raising funds for our lilbrary.  As chair of the library’s board, I found this intermingling of my interests particularly satisfying. Right now, I’m working on learning the lines from a one-woman show, but until I have more lines, you’ll have to stay posted!

The idea of helping the Depot Theater weather these COVID virus days and come out as a regional, vital organization is something I can easily promise I’m interested in doing.

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