Josh Roesener

Vice President

I was born and raised on the family farm south of Dodge City and went to school in Minneola and at Dodge City Community College.  Today, I manage a group of radio stations that cover Dodge City and Garden City which means I’m very in tune with the idea that those of us who live and work in southwest Kansas are truly neighbors.  I turned my interest in photography into a company that specializes in portrait, event and commercial photography – and in Old Time Photos.

I live my life partly in the Old West not only through my Old Time Photography business, but through my “career” as a Boot Hill Museum gunfighter.  You might say I’ve enjoyed spending time in the century before last and had fun shooting folks since 2003. I’d always been an enthusiastic audience member attending Depot Theater productions, but my involvement really increased in 2018 when a radio co-worker invited me to become involved with the board.

I thought I’d help most with marketing and photography, but soon found that it was lots of fun to help in the kitchen.  That’s mostly due to the incredibly diverse group of people who come together to make tea, cut roast beef, wash dishes and – oh, yes – have fun doing it!

It’s very satisfying to see people come together for the love of performing arts. One of my favorite parts of my involvement is welcoming our guests to enjoy great shows, events, and food.

This is one volunteer job in which I feel that I can use the skills I have developed in my professional careers in media, radio, and photography, to make a real difference by helping promote the Depot Theater to the area and the state.  I have always loved the history of Dodge City and the performing arts. The Depot Theater combines these two things together in a way that allows me to share our heritage with others from the region and even the world.

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