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Trains in Dodge City stop at the former El Vaquero Harvey House and Depot. Built in 1898 by the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway, the red brick Richardsonian Romanesque style structure has been enlarged and altered over time. Occupying almost two blocks, the original Santa Fe Depot included a passenger depot and railroad offices, as well as a hotel and eating house run by Fred Harvey. The building, completely rehabilitated to its early appearance, is the largest depot still standing in the state of Kansas.

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What Makes Renting So Special

  • Theater Capacity: 160 seats, 200 open
  • The Fred Harvey Hotel Lobby
  • Harvey's Bar
  • El Vaquero Dining Room
  • Homestead Theater
  • Rent Entire Santa Fe Depot Building
  • Depot Staff Offer Catering
  • Many Packages Available

RENT The Depot Theater, the modern addition to the building. Added on during the restoration it opened in 2005. It is a 160 seat dinner theater with a large stage that is home to many major productions produced by the company each year. This room is also available to rent for use for meetings and presentations, weddings, or even a play. Availability is limited, based on the Depot Theater Company production schedule. Capacity: 200 open, 160 with tables and chairs.

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RENT The Homestead Theater: It has a rich historical past as being part of the Harvey Dormitory and the second stage for The Depot Theater. Many shows have been performed in this open space since the Theater Company moved here in 1996. The space is currently used for rehearsals and smaller side track productions. This space is great for casual or classy events for everyone who wants to have a good time!  Capacity: 150 open, 100 with tables and chairs

RENT The Fred Harvey Hotel Lobby: the original lobby of the hotel that was housed in the building has been restored to its former 1920’s art deco look, with many original fixtures. The news counter has been converted into Harvey’s Bar, in honor of Fred. Our bar manager has devised a great menu of wine, beer, and cocktails like you won’t find anywhere else! He can mix up something special just for your event!  Capacity: 200 open, 100 with tables and chairs.

RENT The El Vaquero Dining Room: once filled with train travelers enjoying a hot, but quick meal, as most of the time they only had 30 minutes before the train left the station again. Gentlemen were required to wear a jacket in the dinning room. Today you have more than 30 minutes to eat and jackets aren’t required! The El Vaquero Dinning room looks much like it did in the 1920’s and 30’s, but it is a little smaller due to the addition of modern restroom facilities.  Capacity: 200 open, 80 with tables and chairs.

RENT The El Entire Santa Fe Depot Complex: Talk to us about renting the entire Depot for your unique event and/or take advantage of our catering services.

Catering:  The Depot Staff offers catering options from simple cookies or Hors d’oeuvres, hot and cold lunches, buffets, and even full platted dinner services.

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