Be the Star that Lights the Stage

Doge City Depot Theater! On Stage! Back Stage! Before the Stage!

The Dodge City Depot Theater may have been dark for the past 18 months, but it has been filled with volunteers working hard to prepare for the best possible reopening. We’ve all missed the many cultural events that have enriched our lives as we experienced an unprecedented suspension of activities, but the end is in sight.

We are proud to announce the awarding of a Shuttered Venue Operators Grant that will facilitate the rehiring of staff and the formal return of volunteers to the Theater!

Toward that end, the board of directors has grown, planned and taken the time to recruit former and new volunteers to clean, paint, organize and update. The list of accomplishments ranges from ordering props and costume spaces, to upgrading technology, including a new, digital monitoring system throughout the Depot Theater spaces, to adding a secondary audio system to allow for Spanish translation during shows, a new commercial dishwasher and new hearing assist devices. Patrons and donors alike have been preparing to relight the stage.

We anticipate a grand reopening toward the end of the year with a fall show planned as an early return to the stage.

Never has the value of this community arts and cultural resource been more apparent than during the shutdown and loss of the Depot Theater during the pandemic. You can help ensure the Depot Theater’s future by becoming a “Star to Relight the Depot’s Stage.” Please give when asked, volunteer when you can, and make sure your friends and neighbors join in the effort to bring back live theater in our diverse regional community.

Thanks! We’ll see you soon!

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